Snow In Portugal: Where and When To Find It

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Much like many other European countries, snow is quite the rarity in Portugal. Rather than snow, Portugal more often has long periods of rain and cold breezes during the winter months. It’s worth noting that if you are planning to take a trip to Portugal during the winter, make sure you bring warm clothes and book a hotel that offers heating. The majority of Portuguese buildings are made of stone, as opposed to wood in the United States.

But, if you’re still insistent in seeing snow in Portugal, here are some of the best locations to visit (best visited during December-March)!

Serra da Estrela

Walk through any Portuguese supermarket and you’re bound to see cheese from Serra da Estrela. Serra da Estrela is Portugal’s highest and most well-known peak, sitting currently at an elevation of 6,539 feet. Hence why it receives the most snow. Though generally speaking, if you live more up north in Portugal, you have a higher chance of snowfall. Given its popularity, Serra da Estrela does in fact have many hotels, restaurants and shops located fairly close to the outskirts of the mountains. It’s also worth visiting some of the other nearby cities like Guarda, Vila Real or the cozy city of Piódão.

Serra do Marão

Another one of Portugal’s mountains, though less significant, Marão Mountains is perfect place to go if you want snow. Marão Mountains are also equally just as go to go hiking given it’s natural wide curves and rounded steeps. Surrounded by some of Portugal’s finest vineyards, make sure you don’t forget to stop by one of them, if they’re open to visitors, of course. Also if you visit Serra do Marão, or any location in northern Portugal, you will often hear the phrase “Trás-os-Montes” which in simple is really just a phrase people say that translates to behind the mountains.

Serra do Caramulo

Not located in north of Portugal, Caramulo, hosts a vast display of lush green mountains, with an elevation of almost 3,530 feet. If you are staying in Lisbon while in Portugal, of the four locations I’ve talked about today, this is most accessible because it’s located in central Portugal, Viseu. This is also the easiest and most kid-friendly location because its the least tedious to climb.

Serra de Gerês

Though they don’t receive as much snow as the previous two mentioned, Gerês Mountains is a stunning location. So much so that it is Portugal’s only national park. I mean, who wouldn’t like the turquoise waters and beautiful rock scenery the mountain has to offer? If you want to experience Gerês mountains to its fullest potential, rent a car and road trip through the mountains. I’ve done it once, and I can assure that though Gerês Mountains have some thin road pavements, it’s worth it at the end!

Thanks for reading my recommendations on where to find snow in Portugal! Sometimes in the Northern Region of Portugal, it will even hail, as seen above!

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