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French Youtubers to Help you Learn French

Last edited on May 21, 2022 by Sarah Pereira.

Especially now that the vast majority of countries are in quarantine, learning a new language has often turned to be someone’s leisure activity. I for one, have been practicing my French and Hebrew. Though, its hard to learn a language from Duolingo or books alone. Not being able to talk to someone in the language you are learning, is quite frankly hard. But, watching french youtubers as opposed to french lessons, is a lot easier and fun.

For that reason, I’ve made a list of my favorite French youtubers that have been helping me with my pronunciation.


Perhaps the most well known French YouTuber, Marie Lopez specializes in making vlogs, recipes, clothing, and beauty-related videos. She uploads quite often and has been since 2011. Personally, what I like to do is play her videos in the background while I do homework or clean my room.

Marie is relatively slow and easy to understand what she’s saying. She also has another youtube channel and a blog were she uploads occasionally. Nonetheless, the blogs are interesting to read and great to practice your French comprehension. Especially on her blog, Marie stresses to practice of leaving a positive footprint and being clean and rightfully so.

Best video: Green Habits from an Ex-Consumer


Léonie is perfect for all things books, from wrap ups and book reviews to TBRs. Léo also almost always has english captions in her videos too. She also talks at a pretty slow pace that’s easy to follow and learn with. Léo uploads from anywhere between 4-6 videos a week.

Best video: Book Haul


In the same vain as lèo, Brunelle is a french booktuber. Her videos are very informative and fun to watch. Brunelle has been on YouTube for almost four years which gives you to opportunity to binge watch all her videos and vlogs. She is a frequent poster with around six-eight videos going up each month.

Best video: December Bullet Journal Spread


If you’re looking for videos about fashion, beauty and life, Horia is the person for you! Her videos are so entertaining, I’ve spent hours marathoning her videos because they are just so captivating. Horia’s videos are not limited to fashion and beauty though, she also posts skits, recipes, and adulthood.

Best video: Night Routine in Confinement

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