About Sarah


Hello, I’m Sarah, the other half of CreamyCodfish. I’m a high school student by day and a reader by night.

It’s hard to concisely summarize what I love, but I’ll try my best. I love learning languages and being able to understand someone else’s culture. As of now, I’m fluent in English and Portuguese and am studying French in school and Hebrew with a private tutor.

When I’m not drowning in homework and exams, I can be found writing, running, playing the violin (which I’ve been playing since I was 9!), or excessively reading. I read more than should be allowed, love cats, and am an aspiring scientist.

I’m interested in majoring in Computer Science and I love studying urban development and government.

I can be found on here on Goodreads (feel free to friend request me, just let me know you came from here).