Shows and Movies we’re Loving Right Now

Last edited March 9, 2021 by Sarah Pereira.

Let’s enter 2020 with a great list of movies and shows to binge. Keep reading to find out our favorites!

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Show #1: Monk

Think you have OCD? Nope, Detective Adrian Monk has severe OCD, but uses it as a gift in crime scenes. All eight seasons of Monk are funny and enjoyable whether you watch them all at once or over a long time span. I believe this show is now free on Amazon Prime!

Show #2: Criminal Minds

Imagine Friends but solving crime. You will find no crime show better than this. What’s better is that there are 15 whole seasons of this delightful show! Not even I have finished every single season, but from where I’m at they just get better and better.

Show #3: Wonder Women

I’m not much of a DC or Marvel person however, once my friend hooked me on the first movie, I rewatch it non stop. There’s even a second movie to be released soon.

Show #4: Harry Potter

I don’t think there’s much need for an explanation on why this Harry Potter is on this list. Whether you read the books or not, this is a great movie to watch alone or with family.

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