5+ Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Last edited on October 29, 2023 by Miriam Pereira

I know that when I started my blog, I was searching high and low for a good free WordPress blog theme. It was hard. So, to save you the suffering, I’ve decided to list seven free WordPress themes that are aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Olsen Light

It allows you to add a post slider and social media widgets. There’s also an ‘about you’ widget. For beginner bloggers, this is one of the prettiest options. The gold and black accents are just stunning!


This blog theme features multiple different post layout. Personally, I think the grid post layout makes your blog look more put together. The widget bar’s box outline also makes it look more professional.


This blog theme is great for business and personal sites. The best features Signify offers are featured content, portfolio, and menu options. Of the ones mentioned, however, this one is slightly harder to use and takes a learning curve.


Savona is a great fit for any type of blog. It allows you to have a post slider and featured categories. There is also a Savona Pro option should you like to upgrade your blog. This was the first blog theme CreamyCodfish ever had!

Blossom Travel

This blog theme is great for any purpose, from personal to fashion, it does it all. This blog theme is great for featuring instagram sections and email subscriptions. Blossom Travel looks good on any device (which is uncommon for most blog themes).


Minimalist blogger is a theme that is quite minimalist which makes it professional. It is great for any blog niche. The sidebar is good for widgets, affiliate links or anything else. The installation is simple and easy to navigate.


Astra is the most SEO friendly and fastest blog option on the list. It offers special features that work well with other page builders like Elementor, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc. Astra offers WooCommerce and premium add-ons.

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