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Given that the majority of countries have been in quarantine, what better time to buy roller skates than right now? Roller skates work well on both carpet, wood, and tile, so what’s stopping you from buying them? Maybe it’s the fear of falling, but don’t worry, been there done that. Today I am going to try and convince you to get roller skates (preferably the ones with six wheels but anything will do).

You Can Annoy Your Siblings and Parents

In the beginning, my parents were happy that I started to skate around the house. Not even a week later though, and they were begging me to take it off. Though all jokes aside, wearing roller skates 24/7 is exhausting, even I can admit that.


Depending on how you view exercise, this may not be an exercise to you. However, it is very much an exercise to me considering the skates weight and leg movement necessary to skate. Skating primarily focuses on strength as an exercise. Roller skating has even been called an aerobic exercise that helps strengthen your heart and endurance. Roller skating also engages your core muscles, as well as your arms, because you are constantly having to shift your body weight to maintain balance while rolling. While these actions are less noticeable than the movements of your legs, the small balancing movements can be a surprisingly good workout.

Small Learning Curve

Unlike many other sports or hobbies, in my humble opinion, roller skating is actually (contrary to popular beliefs) quite easy to learn. There are also many tutorials and lessons on YouTube that are extremely easy to follow. As an example: compared to WordPress, roller skating pales in comparison to difficulty.

Good Mental Health and Happiness

Going hand-in-hand with what I mentioned previously, exercising (or roller skating in this case) improves your mental health. Additionally, if you live in the United States there is a high chance you’ve been invited and gone to a birthday party at a roller rink. The lights, people, and music enhanced my time roller skating. So, if you do have memories of roller skating, buying roller skates will bring them back, reminding you of happy times!

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