How to Stay Focused in Online School

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Staying focused during online school when you could be scrolling through Instagram and Tiktok is quite hard. So, given the circumstances the majority of students are now in, online school, it seems fit to list what helps me stay focused and what can help you stay on track.

It’s normal that students get distracted, bored or even tired during online classes. Despite this, there are certain things that you may keep around you that might be shifting your focus away from class. Namely, your phone. Even without your phone though, sitting in the same chair for nearly five hours is tiring.

With that said, here are my five biggest tips to staying focused during online school!

Move Your Phone

This one is a given but still, some people haven’t quite mastered it yet. I can’t stress this enough but having your phone away from you or at least more than an arm’s reach away, will force you to focus on school and not on your phone. Most schedules for online school also include breaks in between classes so if you really needed to check your phone, you could check it then. If keeping your phone away from you doesn’t help, temporarily deleting social media could also help. I find having my social media apps deleted helps me even out of school.

Write Neat Notes

When teachers announce a test or exam that is coming up, your notes are essential because there may be times where the teacher isn’t available to help you. Personally, I write neat notes by pretending my teacher will read and grade them. By doing this, you force yourself to write neatly because that is what a teacher would look for in your notes.

Move Locations

This isn’t an option for everyone but if you have the opportunity, move the locations you zoom at after every class or two. This tricks your body into thinking it is in a similar learning environment as in school because it is similar to moving class to class. Never though, do online school in bed. You’ll be doing yourself more harm than good because you’ll end up not paying attention and procrastinating.

Give Yourself Room

I often find, working when I have a cluttered desk is difficult. In school, you don’t have a desk piled with papers, books and phones, do you? It really only takes less than ten minutes to put the books and paper on your desk away.

Get Dressed

Getting dressed helps simulate an in-person learning environment. Staying in pyjamas, while comfortable will make you act like your at home and not learning. Like staying in bed, pyjamas will only make you more lazier and procrastinate becuase you wear pyjamas when you are sleeping or relaxing.

Buy a Planner!!!

This. Completely. Changed. My. Life. I never knew I needed a planner until I began forgetting assignments and homework because I didn’t write it down or wrote it down on a loose sheet of paper. The planner I use and love is this one, you can buy it on Amazon. The planner has a lot of room to write on and has an efficient layout. There are spare pages on the back of the planner that I highly recommend using to write and keep track of goals.

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