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Unlocked Summary

This story picks up right from Legacy. The chapters alternate between Sophie and Keefe’s perspectives to give readers deeper insights into both characters. New powers will be discovered. Hard truths from the past will come to light. And all of your favorite characters will find themselves tested in ways they never imagined. Unlocked also includes a guide to the world of the Lost Cities, featuring new character and world details that have never been revealed before.

Unlocked Book Review

6,000+ pages later and farther from a finale than ever. What started as an interesting and unique series has become a diluted and prolonged middle grade fantasy series.

This book is no different to the others at all and ands nothing of value, Fitz is still unlikable, Keefe contributes barely anything, and Sophie makes the same mistakes. The only characters I liked were Glimmer and Tam, who were the only strengths in an overall weak novel and probably one of the only redeeming things about his book. Furthermore, Biana, Dex, Linh, Wylie, and Mr. Forkle were barely seen in the entire story.

If i’m going to be honest, I skipped the first 500 pages of the book because they were filled with information I already knew. I don’t think any of us fans asked for this. it’s absolutely ridiculous that Shannon continues dragging out the series. At this point every time she publishes another book, it’s hard to remember anything from the past books. I can’t tell whether Shannon doesn’t understand the blatant pleas for a book nine finale or doesn’t care. Update: there is no book nine finale!

What about the Great Gulon incident? I am frankly, tired of hearing about it. It’s like an inside joke someone keeps repeating but never explains. It’s lost its wow factor so if you’re not going to explain it, don’t mention it.

The writing is still childish. Just because it’s a middle grade novel doesn’t mean that the metaphors and overall writing has to be bad. The books are getting lackluster and the jokes aren’t funny. Shannon Messenger has just gotten too focused on the (bad) romance that the book’s plot is lacking a lot.

Can you imagine my utter surprise when there was a cliffhanger at the end? Shocker, nobody saw it coming. The cliffhangers are so badly written, it’s like Shannon decided to randomly end the book.

Should You Read Unlocked?

Honestly, I can’t see myself picking up book nine, knowing it isn’t going to be the finale. It has been way too long of Sophie and her squad thinking they accomplished something, but end up being defeated over the same mistakes. Keeper of The Lost Cities: Unlocked was a slug to read through, with little redeeming qualities, making it a 2.5 star read. That being said, I’ll appreciate the joy these books brought me growing up, but it’s not something I’m going to continue reading.

Page Count: 764 | Publisher: Aladdin | Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy | Publication Date: November 17, 2020

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