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Hunger, disease, war, misery no longer exists now on Earth. Mankind has conquered everything, and has now even conquered death. Scythes are the only beings able to end a daily existence so as to monitor the population. In Scythe, teenagers Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice under a Scythe – something neither is interested in. Both must master every form of taking one’s life, all while knowing failure can result in losing their own.

Thoughts & Opinions

In Scythe, Shusterman designs a world where death by natural cause has been removed by the advances in technology. The technology has improved from the cloud to the all mighty Thunderhead. Shusterman’s introduction to the characters is extremely well written that it’s hard not to imagine being in this society. Ultimately, Shusterman’s vivid dystopian world pulls the reader into the story simultaneously building up suspense for the next book. 

Of the multitude of things Shusterman created all through this book, the character’s arcs and perspectives on the world were nicely composed. Readers are constantly able to read about scythe’s opinions through their journals. Beyond the characters, though, my favorite thing about this book is the thoroughness of the world and its surroundings. This makes me want to continue reading the book and understand where the author is taking this story.  

Then again, I disliked the fact that the book set aside a long effort to finish. Shusterman developed a great deal of tension in me all through the book but had me wait a while to see where the story was going. If the author removed some minor details the book would have been easier to reach a closure.

As for the romance, it felt rushed as we barely see Rowan and Citra together other than when they are pitted against each other. Rowan and Citra’s romance was confusing given that they were instantly loyal and trusting with one another within days of meeting each other, knowing only one of them could end up being a professional scythe. Despite this, the romance definitely grew on me and has potential in future books.

Generally speaking, I was amazed by the idea of the world Shusterman created in this book. I appreciate the descriptions of the world, and if the author took away some minor details and developed the romance more, the book would have been a favorite.

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