Book Review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

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Lock Every Door follows Jules Larson securing a position as an apartment-sitter in the Bartholomew, a mysterious, high-end apartment. All good things come with a price though, as for Jules she has to follow a strict set of rules that include: No visitors and no nights spent away from the apartment. Jules can’t believe her luck normally, sketchy job offers don’t pay 4,000 dollars a month. As Jules begins to settle in, she befriends Ingrid, one of the three apartment sitters at Bartholomew, and she starts to uncover some perturbing information that this beautiful building hides. Almost as fast as they met, Ingrid disappears, bringing her secrets with her, leaving no trace of herself behind. Determined to find out the truth about Ingrid’s disappearance and the building’s secret, Jules begins to seek answers. Trouble is, the answers are almost as hard to find as Ingrid.

In Lock Every Door, Reily Sager weaves together the past and present until the two plot lines meet. By doing this, readers are given further suspense that adds to the already chilling book. 

The strongest aspect of Lock Every Door is the ominous narration tone. In most horror and thriller books, authors tend to try and cram in as many creepy things as they can, till the whole plot is unbelievable. However, Sager does just the opposite by mentioning small details like an ancient dumbwaiter or the wallpaper that covers Jules’s apartment.

As for the books characters, they’re decent. Especially, Jules’s character because readers tend to see many characters like her in trashy horror/thriller books. Jules’ is definitely your cookie cutter thriller character and I can’t really bring myself to be mad because so rarely do you see one that doesn’t lack common sense.

Contrarily, the only dislike I had was the unnecessary info dumps and lots of irrelevant history and information we get about the Bartholomew. In the grand scheme of things, this book was confusing but ended with a very satisfying modernized twist.

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